King Limo Bus is the right choice for your tailgating of any event.

Our drivers are the most experienced with the New York and the New Jersey roads.

Sit back and enjoy the ride almost as much as the game. There’s no better way to head to and from any of the area stadiums with all your favorite fans together in our tailgate party bus or limo. Tailgate parties have spread to the pre-game festivities at sporting events besides football, such as basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball, and also occur at non-sporting events such as barbecues. Let King Limo take the stress of parking, traffic, and worry of drinking and driving away. We will pick you up at your door, and most venues drop you off in a close limousine lot, so you won’t have to walk a mile through hot, crowded parking lots. Enjoy cold beers on the way to the game and listen to your favorite songs as you ride in style to the game!


A party bus or limousine is the perfect making of an ultimate tailgating event to rival everyone else’s in the parking lot. With our Party Buses and Limousines for tailgating, you get the entire group fired up and ready to cheer for an amazing time. Once the event is over, we will be there to take you home while you celebrate during the ride.


We also travel to other states for away games. We have travelled to the Super Bowl in Pittsburg and Wisconsin, and clients often use our vehicles to attend games in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Boston, and other surrounding states.

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