Unique Kinds of Wedding Transportation

Some of the most memorable parts of any wedding are the entrances and exits of the bride, groom, and wedding parties.

The best part of choosing a different type of NY, NJ, CT, PA wedding transportation service? You can even fit it into your wedding’s theme! Whether you’re going for classic, romantic, or casual, there are plenty of options other than a fancy car.

For a few unique wedding transportation ideas, you can customize for your special day, keep reading!

1. Sedan

A classic sedan is great for transporting the bride and groom’s families, bridesmaids, or even the bride and groom throughout the wedding day. There are many things to be done at any given point, so let us worry about transportation and go with a sleek, classic sedan to meet all your needs.

2. Sprinter Vans

Perfect for up to 12-14 people, our sprinter vans are comfortable and luxurious. Whether you want to transport the whole wedding party in style or just the groom and a few friends with room to spare, our regular or luxury sprinter vans are specially designed for comfort and space.

3. Limousine

For a timeless entrance or exit, you can never go wrong with a limousine. For transporting 8-20 people, a limousine has enough room for you and all your wedding day antics! Hiring a limousine and driver is not only elegant but also convenient! Travel in style the entire wedding day; you deserve it!

4. SUV

The picture of classic luxury, an SUV can do no wrong. Think an SUV may be too drab for your special day? Think again! Luxury SUVs used as wedding transportation give an air of unity and efficiency on one of the most important days of your life.

Imagine your wedding party, parents, and special guests pulling up to your wedding in identical SUVs driven by experienced and punctual drivers. And following behind them? Why the bride and groom, of course! In their own limousine or classic sedans!

5. Mini-Coaches

Mini-coaches are perfect for transporting up to 36-42 people! If you have a wedding that’s going to be big, you may want to consider a mini-coach. Mini-coaches will allow you to transport the wedding party, families, friends, and guests, as well as any special event planning staff you may need to keep nearby, like the wedding planners and makeup artists.

6. Motorcoach

If you have a wedding where the reception is located in a different area than your wedding ceremony, and you don’t want to have guests walk or drive themselves over, a great way to keep all the guests together is by hiring a motorcoach!

These elegant buses can fit up to 55 passengers. This means you could use one and make a couple of trips, or if you have several hundred guests, rent a couple more!

Unique Wedding Transportation

For wedding transportation that is out of the ordinary, choose something unique to your style and wedding theme! Take yourself, your soon-to-be-spouse, and your wedding party into consideration.

For all your transportation needs contact us at King Limo & Party Bus and Transportation to arrive in style.

why you should rent a limo for your wedding day. 

The day you say ‘I do’ is undoubtedly one of the best of your life! Wedding planning is a huge part of making sure your big day runs smoothly – and it begins months before the ceremony! The venue(s) need to be sorted, seating charts should be arranged, entertainment booked, and caterers decided. However, there’s one detail that often gets overlooked in all the hullabaloo – getting the wedding transportation running smoothly. Booking a limo can take your wedding to the next level, and you won’t have to worry about waiting around in your dress and veil for your car to arrive. Here are some reasons why you should rent a limo for your wedding day.


Limos are spacious vehicles, and wedding dresses are not exactly known for their ability to thrive in compact spaces. Renting a wedding limo means that there will enough space for the wedding dress, train, veil, and, of course, the rest of the wedding party. Apart from the space component, there are additional perks to be had. You’ll have the luxury of popping open a bottle of bubbly to settle the nerves, listen to music of your choice, and connect to the Wi-Fi to ensure that everything is going to plan.


When you book a limo for your wedding, you’re guaranteed to get a professionally trained chauffeur at your service. Working out the schematics of multiple vehicles for the wedding party isn’t exactly what you want to be worried about on your big day. As added bonus, once you rent a limo, you can usually take as many trips as you need to various locations, if anything (or anyone) has been left behind. A luxury that certainly wouldn’t be afforded if you decided to book a cab to get to your wedding.

Add to the Wedding Theme

Take your wedding theme to the next level by getting your limo decorated to match the theme. Whether you’re going for a more vintage look, a modern touch, or even something a bit more quickly, your wedding limo can be customized to suit the theme.

Do you want to roll up to your wedding in style? Contact one of our dedicated wedding coordinators and get your wedding limo sorted

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